Changing the future…

Greetings heroes, Ilithria is in need of your service. Dark prophecies surround the turn of the fifth millennium that quickly approaches. Dust off your armor, sharpen your weapons, memorize your spells, for only the mightiest can sway the fate of the world.

New players should:
1. Create your character. Add a portrait, backstory, and description of your character, as well as anything useful the GM should know about.
2. Check out the Wiki for more information about the world of Ilithria. If you don’t find a page you think should be there, contact the GM.
3. Catch up on the Adventure Log. This will be updated weekly after each session.

I am at your disposal. Any maps or further information you request, simply let me know and I will work on it as time permits. Thanks! And enjoy the looming threat of your doom as the world nears its end!

~GM Jaroth

Echoes of Ilithria

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